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Proprietary Trading Experts

Proprietary Trading Experts

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Alpha Capital Group are more than just a proprietary trading firm, we offer fully funded trading accounts up to $2,000,000 through a variety of evaluation programmes to suit different trading strategies and styles.      

We are looking for profitable traders who can demonstrate an ability to react to the markets, manage risk and most importantly generate profits.

We have developed in house trading tools to assist traders in both mitigating risk and increasing trade execution efficiency.

See below to view our range of services.

1: Funding Evaluations: Complete one of our funding evaluations and demonstrate the profitability of your strategy & risk management capabilities to get funded with up to $200,000, with up to 80% profit split.

2: Trade mate: This will offer useful calculators used to assist traders of all experiences, from calculating the correct lot size as per your risk management, to checking correlation between FX pairs to ensure your risk is kept to ensure your risk is kept to a minimal.

3: Academy: We offer beginner to advanced educational courses & strategies to help develop our traders’ ability to be consistently profitable in the market.

1-1 mentoring is also available, and the sessions will be tailored to your requirements to help advance your trading career.

4: Trading Tech: Custom trading tools developed in house to assist traders by improving consistency and reducing risk.

Aggressive Plan

Scale your account with every 10% profit made, all the way up to a max capital allocation of $2m.

We pride our selves on our services provided to our traders, if there is something you feel that would benefit your trading career that you cannot find on our site, please fill out the below form, we would love to hear from you!