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Trading Tech

Trading Tech

Custom trading tools developed in house to assist traders

by improving consistency and reducing mistakes.

The TradeMate panel is designed to increase the efficiency of execution for the trader, whilst eliminating mistakes commonly made around risk and correct position sizing.
An example of another similar panel is shown on the left.
The trader will input the desired risk either a £/$ amount or a %, along with their Stop loss price, the Trade mate panel will then correctly calculate the required lot size to result in the correct desired risk amount.
The trader will be able to review the trade information before executing the trade.

This indicator will visually plot the Asian, London & New York session on the chart, and will clearly show the High & Low of each session, which could be used for price target levels.

VWAP, Volume Weighted average price accounts for both price and volume. Unlike Moving averages, VWAP assigns more weight to price points with high volume. In turn this allows you to understand price points of interest, gauge relative strength and identify prime entries & exits.

Measuring dynamic pivot levels. This indicator will plot daily support and resistance levels on the chart including previous day highs & lows and weekly High and low, these areas could be identified as potential turning points in the market and are also very useful for assistance with entry and exit levels.